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Bakko Festival
Notobekami, Nakanoto Town
At this annual five-day festival that takes place from November 17th through 21st, people pray for prosperity, give thanks and pray for a good harvest. It is also called Byoei Festival (descendant festival).” The festival dates back to when Ônamuchi-no-Mikoto made a tour of Noto and the deity Notohiko offered cloudy sake and dumplings to him. “Byoei” comes from part of the phrase that Ônamuchi-no-Mikoto used to show his appreciation. During the festival, the male deity Notohiko has a once-a-year meeting with the female deity of Atago Shrine in Nishibaba. The festival is municipally designated as an intangible folk cultural property. On the 19th, the Hogei-sai is held to welcome the female deity. At midnight, the parishioners of the shrine walk in silence about one kilometer from Notobe Shrine to Atago Shrine. After a ritual at the worship hall of Atago Shrine, they go back to Notobe Shrine without uttering a word. The male and female deities spend two nights together at Notobe Shrine. On the 21st, the Kangyo festival is held for the female deity to return to Atago-Shrine. At the Hogei festival, parishioners are served a naorai (feast) of rice cooked with greens, soup, two other dishes and doburoku (cloudy sake). This drink gives the festival its other name of Doburoku Festival.
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