Guide to Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by Photos and Movies



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Fixed-net Fishing
Around Noto (mainly on the east coast)
The fixed-net fishing method is used to catch sardine, horse mackerel, sea bream, yellowtail and squid. The net consists of a hedge net for blocking the passage of migrating fish, and a bag net to catch the fish. It is a type of “passive fishing,” which involves predicting the routes of fish runs and waiting for the fish to come. Unlike fishing methods that involve going after and catching large quantities of fish by surrounding a school of fish with a net from a large boat, this method is environmentally friendly and helps to preserve resources. The fishing site is located a 30-min to one-hour sail from the port. The boats leave the port before dawn and came back in the morning; therefore, the fish is kept very fresh. Along the east coast of the Noto Peninsula, fixed-net fishing is very popular; its scale is one of the biggest in Japan. Nanao City faces onto Toyama Gulf, where there are so many fish all year round that it is referred to as a “natural fish tank”; winter yellowtail is caught from November through February, and the catch of blowfish in Ishikawa from April through June is the largest in Japan.
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