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Houses in Akasaki
Akasaki, Shika Town
Natural landscape
Rural landscape
Along Prefectural Route 49 running from south to north in the coastal area of Akasaki in Shika Town, rows of wooden houses with black-tile roofs form a unique landscape. A 500-meter row of barns on the seaward side of the road forms a windbreak that protects houses from the winter wind and spindrift. On the mountain side, storehouses and barns stand in front of the houses. The buildings are lined up one behind the other. Each house has salt-resistant board walls and a roof with Noto tiles, which are coated with a hot-dip galvanized glassy glaze to give them greater resistance to cold and water. Most of the houses have gable roofs. The entrance is set on the side of the house to avoid briny air from the sea. Although located on the west coast of the Noto Peninsula like the Nishiho coastal area of Wajima City, Akasaki is in stark contrast to the latter, where bamboo windbreak fences called magaki are used. Each community has its own collective wisdom.
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