Guide to Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by Photos and Movies



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  • Environment Education through Participation in Agricultural and Forestry Work
Environment Education through Participation in Agricultural and Forestry Work
Natural landscape
Conservation of Satoyama
20th century~21th century
Many activities related to agricultural and forestry work are organized for children in Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi. In “Shunran-no-sato” in Noto Town, farmers turned their houses into farmhouse minshuku inns and started a program in 1997 that allowed visitors to experience agricultural work and rural life. The number of students who visit this place is increasing year by year. They take school trips from not only Hokuriku but also Tokyo and Osaka. In Anamizu Town, a closed-down elementary school was turned into a facility for experiencing rural life called “Shiki-no-oka,” which is used for accommodation, gatherings and interaction. Next to it is “Anamizu-maimon-noen”, where one can have a hands-on farm experience working with vegetables and fruit. There are many agriculture and forestry events organized by NPOs. It is expected that various experiences in agricultural and forestry production will help people to acquire proper knowledge and to have good judgment about food, agriculture and forestry. It will also help people to adopt healthy eating habits and a positive lifestyle.
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  • Houryu-machi, Suzu City

    Keeper:Ishikawa Prefectural Land Improvement Association
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  • Shunran-no-sato, Noto Town