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Tomiyo (Amur Stickleback)
Natural landscape
Amur stickleback is a species of fish of the genus Pungitius, family Gaterosteidae and order Gaterosteiformes. Amur sticklebacks live in Hokkaido, Tohoku and Hokuriku. They prefer to live in water from a spring with low temperature and a stable flow throughout the year. Ishikawa Prefecture is said to be the southernmost habitat for them. The habitats in Ishikawa Prefecture are in only two locations, that is, the Yasumaru River, Hakusan City and Washiike Pond, Shika Town. Tomiyo was designated as a prefectural natural monument in 2004. In 2005, it was designated as a rare species under the Ordinance for the Protection and Enhancement of the Environment of Hometown Ishikawa. In 2016, the agricultural union “Tomiyo-no-sato” was launched. The union works with an elementary school and senior citizens’, middle-aged men’s, and women’s clubs to conserve the environment by getting rid of reeds and sediment in and around Washiike Pond.
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