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Nototemari Mushroom
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Agricultural products and seafood
20th century~21th century
Nototemari is a type of shiitake mushroom cultivated on raw timber, taking advantage of the climate and environment of the northern Noto area. The variety Noto 115 was developed by the Japan Mushroom Center (Tottori City) from Kinko 115, a large, thick type of mushroom. Mushrooms that meet the following strict criteria qualify as Nototemari: (1) The cap should be 8cm or more in diameter and 3cm or more in thickness, and the edge curl should be 1cm or more; (2) The form should be balanced and close to circular; and (3) There should be no slit in the cap. Since 2013, the large ones with a cap diameter of 10cm or more have been regarded as Nototemari Premium. Nototemari mushrooms are sold only in winter, from December through March. They are highly praised for being very tasty, thick and filling. They are sold to restaurants both inside and outside of Ishikawa Prefecture. The producers and Ishikawa Prefecture have formed the Okunoto Shiitake Revitalization Association to make these mushrooms a brand-name product. They are often traded at higher prices than matsutake, which is considered to be the best mushroom in Japan.
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