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Wajima City
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Yubeshi is a confectionery made of yuzu citron stuffed with rice cake. Yubeshi can be found all over Japan, but the type made in Wajima City uses a whole of citron and is called “round yubeshi”. The inside of a large yuzu harvested in autumn is removed with a bamboo spatula to make a cup. The yuzu cup is stuffed with secret proportions of rice flour, wheat flour, sugar and miso, and steamed in a bamboo basket steamer. The yuzu is then dried naturally, and steamed again. The processes of drying and steaming are repeated 20 to 30 times, over four to five months, until the yuzu skin turns brown. There is a legend pertaining to this sweet. When Tokitada Taira of the Heike Clan was defeated in the Genpei civil war, he escaped to Noto and brought with him the recipe for yubeshi, which was used as a preserved food. In the olden days, peddlers of Wajima lacquerware carried this long-lasting sweet on their travels. The confectionery has a strong aroma of yuzu citron and a chewy texture, and can be enjoyed with sake as well as with tea. It can be eaten in various ways: sliced, broiled with charcoal, or shredded in clear soup.
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