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Rock Nori Seaweed
Suzu City; Fukami, Monzen-machi, Wajima City; Fukuura, Shika Town
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Rock nori is a type of seaweed that grows along rocky coastlines that are hit by strong waves. The long coastline on the west side of the Noto Peninsula is ideal for the growth of rock nori. It is collected from December through March. Artificial nori islands and nori fields have been made by covering the shoreline with concrete to allow for easy collection of the seaweed. When the weather is calm and the waves are not high, people go out to collect the seaweed. They collect 10cm-long rock nori by hand, wash off the salt, spread it in square frames to remove the water, and then spread it on nets. All of these procedures are carried out in one day. After that, the seaweed is dried in the shade. Natural rock nori is thicker and a little harder, and has a richer aroma than ordinary cultivated nori. The seaweed is also called botanori in Noto. In the Kaga region of Ishikawa, this seaweed is often eaten flavored with vinegar or in a clear soup. In Noto, it is also used in sake lees soup, and put in scallop shells and cooked with broth, soy sauce and sake. In Suzu City and Wajima City, it is an ingredient of the rice-cake soup that is enjoyed to celebrate the New Year.
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