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Iwaido Shrine
Yanagida-Tôme, Noto Town
・ Municipally designated intangible folk cultural property: “Legend of Saru-oni-no-miya”
This is an old shrine dedicated to Ônamuchi-no-Mikoto (or Iwatsukuwake no mikoto, according to another theory) and Kukurihime-no-Kami. It is not known when the shrine was founded, but it is known as a shrine related to the legend of Saru-oni, which has been passed down from generation to generation in Yanagida, Noto Town. The legend goes like this: Once upon a time, a monster or preternatural creature called Saru-oni that lived in a rock cave bit cows and horses to death and did evil to humans. Then Keta Myojin (a gracious deity) of the highest ranking shrine in Noto shot Saru-oni in the eye. His corpse was buried in the cave and a shrine was built. Iwaido Shrine has its origins in the legend. Local people call it “Saru-oni-no-miya” or “the shrine of Saru-oni”. There are places in the neighborhood that have names related to the legend. The name “Tôme” (hit in the eye) comes from the legend according to which an arrow hit Saru-oni in the eye. The name “Kuro-kawa” (black river) is derived from a story according to which a river of Saru-oni’s black blood was formed. In addition, Saru-oni, who had his eye shot with an arrow, cleansed his eyes with ôbako (a kind of herb), which gave the name Ôbako to a local area.
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