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  • Yamatomikuri (Spanganium fallax)
Yamatomikuri (Spanganium fallax)
Natural landscape
Yamatomikuri is a perennial plant found in rice fields and irrigation ponds. It is a kind of emergent plant that develops roots at the bottom of a lake, and their leaves and stems grow out of the water. They are distributed in vast areas in Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The name is derived from the fact that a lot of them are found in the Yamato region. Yamatomikuri grow to a height of about one meter. The blooming season is between May and September. They look similar to bur-reed, but they are different in that they don’t ramify. They produce flowers and come into bearing on a stem. During the winter, they float their leaves on the water or sink under the water. In Ishikawa Prefecture, their habitats are shrinking because of the development of ponds and marshes, and the decreased number of water channels. Yamatomikuri is on the Red Lists of both the Environment Ministry and Ishikawa Prefecture as a Threatened Species Class II.
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