Guide to Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by Photos and Movies



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Restoring fireflies
Kaminaka, Anamizu Town
Natural landscape
Conservation of Satoyama
20th century~21th century
Firefly-conservation activities are carried out in all areas of Noto.
People in Kaminaka, Anamizu Town are working to create a biotope from abandoned agricultural land, of which there is more and more, in order to increase the firefly population. They formed a local council to revitalize Kaminaka and started their activities in 2012. It took three years for them to make a biotope covering 1,500 ㎢ of abandoned agricultural land. They manage to prevent it from drying up throughout the year. Kaminaka is located at an elevation of 200 m, which makes it possible to draw clean water into rice fields without any household wastewater. As a result, this area has been known for a long time as a habitat for various creatures. A lot of Japanese fireflies (Luciola cruciata) can be observed from late June through early July every year. The council plans to increase the firefly population by creating a riparian environment with moss or grass for fireflies to spawn and they are trying to create a habitat for freshwater snails that firefly larvae can eat. Thus, they aim to enhance the charm of the area.
Kitayama, Wakayama Town, Suzu City, located in a mountainous area, has a beautiful Satoyama landscape. “Hotaru-no-mai Firefly Conservation Society” was established in order to preserve the firefly’s growing environment. The society conducts activities to increase the number of fireflies; the members create habitats for freshwater snails that firefly larvae can eat, mow the grass and cut trees. In addition, they have constructed promenades and provided chairs and solar lights for the observation of fireflies. They also sell local products using plants grown in the Kitayama area. The best time to visit is late June through early July, when the area attracts 1,500 people. This is a new place of note in Suzu City.
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