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Noto Kintoki Sweet Potato
Nakaamada and Shimoamada, Shika Town
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Agricultural products and seafood
Shika Town is the only place on the Noto Peninsular where sweet potatoes are grown. Noto Kintoki sweet potato was approved as a Noto vegetable in 2008. It is grown on the sand dunes close to the Sea of Japan. The sand dunes are appropriate for growing sweet potato, since they have a high ventilation property and adequate water retention. The potato plants are covered by vinyl sheets to prevent weeds from growing; therefore, chemicals are hardly used except when planting the seedlings. According to this method, ground heat is obtained earlier and evaporation of water in the soil is less than by cultivation without covering, so the root grows more. The skin of the potato is very soft, so the tiny roots on the surface are removed carefully by hand. The shipment is carried out from mid-August through the end of October, which is earlier than other production sites in Ishikawa such as Kanazawa and Uchinada, and the autumn taste can be enjoyed earlier.
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