Guide to Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) by Photos and Movies



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Ôhama Soybean
Noroshi Area, Suzu City
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Agricultural products and seafood
Ôhama soya beans have been grown in the Noroshi area of Suzu City located at the tip of the Noto Peninsular for a long time. The beans are large and have a strong flavor and a big split in the center. Until the 1950s, they were planted around rice paddies by many farmers, but they gradually disappeared as the cultivation of leaf tobacco became popular, and in the Heisei period, people started to call them the “non-existent bean”. In 2002, local farmers restarted cultivation using a small amount of remaining beans, and selected varieties and increased production in collaboration with the Ishikawa Agriculture and Forestry Research Center. Also, various products using the soybean were developed; the roadside station Noroshi sells local tofu made of Ôhama soybean by means of the traditional production style of Suzu City. It is now very popular with its sweet and rich flavor and contributes to the promotion of the area.
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