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Noto Dainagon Azuki Bean
Suzu City, Wajima City, Anamizu Town
Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
Agricultural products and seafood
Noto Dainagon Azuki bean is larger than average and has a distinctive bright red color. It is also called “red diamond”. It is cultivated in four cities and towns in northern Noto, and harvested in October and November by carefully picking by hand. Its skin is soft and its taste is on a par with the top quality beans produced in Tanba. It is favored by traditional sweets shops inside and outside Ishikawa. The Noto Products Record compiled in the mid-Edo period states that the Dainagon azuki bean was produced in Noto. After that, sake brewers brought Dainagon azuki beans from many places into Noto, and they were crossed with local varieties, producing the present Noto Dainagon azuki bean. In 2006, the Noto Dainagon Production Association was established, and it is engaged in obtaining local organization trademarks and integrating the collection, sale and promotion of the products of JA Suzu City, JA Ôzora and JA Machino-machi.
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