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Togi Hassaku Festival
Togi, Shika Town
This festival got its name from the fact that it was held on the Saku day of August according to Japan’s old calendar. It is also called Kujiri Festival. It originated around 1,000 years ago. According to legend, when the male deity of Hachiman Shrine was cast ashore on Masuhogaura Beach, the female deity enshrined in Sumiyoshi Shrine helped him. They got married, but the deity of Hachiman Shrine could not bear the sound of raging waves that continued every night, and moved to a nearby village. Since then, the festival has been held to allow the two deities to meet. The “traveling festival” and the main festival are held on the first day and second day respectively. On the first day, more than 20 kiriko lanterns of different sizes gather at Hachiman Shrine to meet the male deity, and are paraded to Sumiyoshi Shrine, which is 2 km away, accompanied by the music of bells and drums. In the afternoon of the second day, eleven portable shrines stand in a line on Masuhogaura Beach, and take the male deity back to Hachiman Shrine.
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