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Noto Vegetables
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Agricultural products and seafood
The Noto Vegetable Promotion Association, which is made up of agricultural cooperatives, cities and towns of Noto, has certified 16 vegetables as Noto Vegetables (as of September 2015). These vegetables are grown in viscous red-clay soil, in an environment that is cool in summer due to being surrounded by the ocean on three sides. There are two types of Noto Vegetables: Noto traditional vegetables and Noto specialty vegetables. The former include six vegetables: Nakajima leaf, Sawano burdock, spaghetti squash, Mikohara arrowhead, kogiku pumpkin and winter melon. These are used for traditional dishes and have been cultivated for more than 30 years. The latter include 10 vegetables: Noto pumpkin, Noto red-clay potato, Noto wild vegetable, Noto white Welsh onion, Noto water melon, Noto kintoki sweet potato, Noto mini tomato, Noto large eggplant, Noto white radish and Noto broccoli. These vegetables are strategically promoted as Noto specialties to increase production and sales. Strict quality control is in place, and added-values are created to make the vegetables brand-name products. These efforts have resulted in increased awareness among producers and revitalization of local communities.
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